Welcome at the webpage from Dutch HAMradio PE1ATY.
Here you wil find info about the history and activity from the station, HAM-radio, photo's and interesting links.

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Stationrig since 20 december 2015

Hi, I'am John, born in august 1946 in Leeuwarden the Netherlands.
I'am living since 1989 in Bolsward a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands.
(Located at the blue dot on the map on the right side.)

In 1975 I passed the exam for the Novice licence (callsign PD0AAK).
End 1975 I passed the exam for the Full licence. My new callsign: PE1ATY.
After a lot of years active on 2 mtr and 70 cm I finished to be active in 1988.
Now since a few weeks (nov. 2014), I pict up the HAM hobby to be a little bit active again.

In nov. 2014 I'am starting with an simpel station rig, now, dec. 2015 I'am using:

* Basic station rig: 2 mtr/70 cm, multiband transciever Yaesu FT-8900R, max. pwr 50 Watts,
Hor./Vert. antennes: 2 mtr 2 x 9 elements crossyagi, 70 cm 19 elements yagi, 17 mtr above seelevel.
Vertical antenna: Diamond X-50N (2 mtr/70 cm), 17 mtr.

* Mobile rig: Kenwood TM-D700, dualbandtransceiver, max. pwr 50 Watts, included aprs
Antenne: D-Original DX-770S 2 mtr/70 cm

* Station rig hf:  Kenwood R-5000, (Seeradio). Antenna: Long wire. My QSL info: PE1ATY Region 14

73s and good DX


QSL Card



By chance I found this photo too, of course also been active mobile
with the 5/8 on the trunk, PD0AAK/PE1ATY, 1975.

June 1981

The big move of the entire station including all aerial park.
First with a 40 ton crane mast with foundation
removed and transported on a low-loader to the new location.
(No photo's)
The foundation forklift buck placed in front of the new house.
After a few weeks with a 120-ton crane in its final
place hoisted and rebuilt entirely.
Then been active until 1988 on 2 meters and 70 cm.
Because of various circumstances put HAM hobby on non-active.
Now, okt. 2014 I'am slowly starting up the hobby again.

Also active in hollydays, Ameland 1975, (JO23TK)

then, in 1981, the big move to an other location, (JO23WF)

History from the station, first year 1975 untill 1988              

                  My first antenne park in 1975-1978, (JO22JL)                                                 My second antenne park 1978-1981, (JO23WE)

The station and antenne rig at the moment (dec. 2015), 2 mtr and 70 cm horizontal and vertical + longwire shortwave

Latitude: 53.0619054  Longitude: 5.5237239                                                         Grid: JO23SB   CQ zone: 14    ITU: 27   ARRL: 263

.--.     .  .---- .-  -  -.--



View at the townhall of Bolsward, the Netherlands

(allways under construction)


Antenne rig 2mtr/70cm

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Memories of 1979

The winter of 1979 was a real winter that the older amongst you will remember.
Lots of snow and frost together with a thick heavy storm.
My new mast, made of steel flame tube, stood just a few months when the winter came.
All obviously well calculated but the practice must tell if the calculations are correct.
Thick layers of ice on the elements through the ice, making weight increased tremendously. During the storm swung the masthead 2 to 2,5 meters back and forth.
My thoughts were, "If this goes well, I have never again worry about the strength."
After the storm had subsided, the mast was still proud and straight, without any damage.
 But then, after the storm, I have made extra support guys that made the whole structure
more stable so that the structure had also to endure less.
This self calculated and self made mast has long time served me afterwards until 1988



Webcam Bolsward Centre PE1ATY

     First picture: 06-01-2016, Station rig. From top to bottom: speakers, weather station; clock and headphones; HF Kenwood R-5000, Sony ICF SW-7600; mixer; Power supply 13,6 Vdc 20 Amp. VHF/UHF: Yeasu FT8900R; Konig amplifier AMP600; Right, antenna switch; ZETAGI table mic.
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